8 side effects of eating too many bananas

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   “Banana” is considered a favorite fruit for many people. And as we all know, bananas are rich in fiber and fiber. It also contains many vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the body. In addition, people like to eat bananas to fill their stomachs. It can be said that it can be used as an aid during diet as well. But many people may not know before that if we eat too many bananas, it can cause unconscious consequences. Here are the side effects that can occur from consuming too much bananas.

1. Weight gain

     Banana vs. Cookies or Chips Bananas provide less energy. But it still has enough calories to make you gain weight. A medium-sized banana has 105 calories, so if you’re looking for a low-calorie snack to satisfy your hunger every few hours, bananas might not be your best bet. Water-rich fruits such as watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe, and peaches are recommended as a better snack option because they are fewer calories, high in fiber, and help you feel full. long

2. Migraine

     If you have a problem with severe migraines, you may want to avoid eating bananas altogether. Because bananas contain tyramine (Tyramine), a substance found in many foods such as cheese, fish, meat and bananas, which triggers migraine headaches. And since banana peels contain 10 times more tyramine than banana flesh, extra care should be taken when peeling the fibrous parts. completely removed from the banana before eating.

3. Hyperkalemia

     It is known that bananas contain potassium, which is a good thing. However, there is a limitation that too much potassium leads to a condition known as hyperkalaemia. (Hyperkalemia), which can present with symptoms such as a rapid pulse, nausea, and irregular heartbeat. This can cause a heart attack. The average banana contains about 420 milligrams of potassium, the recommended daily intake of 4,700 milligrams.

4. Cavities

     Because bananas are high in starch, they can lead to tooth decay if proper dental hygiene is not maintained. Some studies have found that bananas can be more harmful to your oral health compared to chocolate, red licorice, and gum. That’s because the starch melts slowly in your mouth. while sugar dissolves faster Therefore, when eating bananas Its particles stay between the teeth for up to 2 hours, thereby attracting more bacteria. and result in more tooth decay

5. Sleepy

     Is eating a banana for breakfast a good idea? Because many people may not know that bananas can make you feel sleepy even at the start of the day. Because bananas are rich in probiotics, amino acids that reduce erectile function. which not only makes you feel sleepy only Bananas are also high in magnesium. which is a mineral that helps relax muscles This is a great feature for bed time. Therefore, eating bananas as a snack at dinner is best.

6. Abdominal pain

     Bananas are easy to digest and can help relieve stomach pain. It has a natural antacid effect and can relieve symptoms such as indigestion. This potassium-rich fruit also increases the production of mucus in the stomach, which prevents irritation of the stomach lining. But if eating bananas that are still raw. may cause abdominal pain or feeling nauseous along with stomach pains Due to the high amount of starch in unripe bananas which the body takes a long time to digest If taken in large amounts, vomiting or diarrhea may occur immediately.

7. Constipation

     I’m sure many people will be surprised when they say that bananas can cause constipation. Because it has always been known that bananas help with intestinal function. and help resolve constipation problems But that only applies to ripe bananas. Unripe bananas, on the other hand, are rich in starch and contain large amounts of tannic acid, which suppresses the gastrointestinal tract. which can increase the risk of constipation Therefore, anyone with chronic constipation is best to avoid eating raw bananas.

8. Gas and Bloating

     Eating too many bananas can result in gas and bloating. This can cause a feeling of fullness and pressure in the abdomen from a buildup of slow-moving gas in the intestines, since bananas contain sorbitol. (naturally occurring sugar alcohols) as well as soluble fiber Both of these breakdown processes produce hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane, which in some people results in increased bloating. For prevention, it is advisable to split the bananas in half. instead of eating one large banana

     Although bananas are fruits that are rich in nutrients. That is healthy and delicious. But eating too much and eating unripe bananas can have negative effects on the body. The best way is to eat bananas in moderation (2 per day) and choose bananas that are perfectly ripe. In order to prevent side effects that may occur. The UFABET report