Introducing “Cork Cover Sheets” along with how to use them.

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For girls who like to dress up may have encountered similar problems. In the matter of underwear or bras that don’t match No matter how you wear it. It doesn’t look as inconsiderate as you’d like. But having Nobra naked may look too relieved. Cork Cover is the item that meets the needs the most for women. love to dress up

“Cork cover” is a very popular item nowadays. especially among girls who likes to dress in different styles each day. Because many times the underwear cannot meet the requirements or does not match with the outfit we choose that day. Whether it’s a bra line showing up The bra doesn’t fit properly. Or even on days when you want to wear bikinis on the beach. You need to find helpers like corsets to make wearing clothes more confident and fun. Nowadays, there are many brands and types of cork pads available in the market to choose from. And meet the needs of every outfit. the day was well. The UFABET report

For girls who are looking for or want to start using the “Cork Cover” item but are not sure which one to choose to be suitable for themselves. Today, Vogue Beauty has compiled categories according to usage and dressing style. Allowing women to choose to use cork pads to match their lifestyle even more.

1. Nipple Covers

Cork stopper made of material from Solid Silica Gel, quality grade silicone that is outstanding in its ability to restore its shape to stay beautiful even after being used more than 30 times, along with the brand’s unique adhesive formula that does not irritate the skin. It can also be waterproof and sweat proof. Let the silicone cover the cork not easily fall off during the day. No musty smell even when sweating a lot Suitable for choosing to use on a casual day Not focusing on push-ups, which can go with every day dressing. It is an important item for women. that must have another piece in the wardrobe

2.Silicone Bra

For girls who want to increase their breasts to look more shapely I would like to give this item a silicone bra that is light and comfortable to wear, not thick. Including having a size to choose according to the appropriateness of our chest size Anyone who wants to get closer quickly This type of bra is considered to answer a lot. Especially on days when you want to wear clothes that reveal the chest. such as wearing a strapless top, neckline or wide neckline

3. Boob Tape

This type of bra tape is very suitable for women. who have problems with breasts that are not in shape, flabby, flabby, small or far face problems because they can be styled as needed in all forms With a material made of 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex, it is durable and does not fall off during the day. Including being able to ventilate well Does not make the skin damp or easily irritated

4. Fashion Tape

Another item to help save confidence or anti-porn tape. Made from glue that does not damage the fabric and is friendly to the skin. give firmness Be confident that you will not move in any position. Can be applied both on skin and on fabric It can also be used with all kinds of fabrics. Suitable for applying on areas that are not confident No matter how much you move, you don’t have to worry. like the days when wearing short skirts wearing a deep neckline Or solve the problem of the shirt line easily falling off, it can be used as well.