know where to spray perfume for men add charm to body odor 

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 For men, smelling good is a charm. But many people have a problem with the smell of perfume for men fading during the day. When solved by spraying more carpets than usual The smell of the perfume is too pungent, and the way to help is not only to choose a perfume that has a long lasting scent. But the key is to know the right spot to spray perfume for men. Including additional tricks to spray perfume properly to make the scent last all day. which must be done Vogue Beauty has the answer for you in this article.

perfume spot for men

     Many men are accustomed to spraying perfume all over their bodies. This is the perfect way to use cologne. but not for perfume It should be remembered that perfume likes heat (warm). It will help bring out the scent to be fragrant and last longer. Therefore, the appropriate spraying points for men are Pulse Points, which will spread the scent as much as possible. These points include the neck, armpits, behind the knees, wrists, elbows and behind the ears. Spraying perfume on all pulse points may be unnecessary. It is advisable to select only 2-3 points such as the neck and wrists. 

Editor’s tips: When perfume is applied to the wrist You should allow time for the perfume to absorb. Don’t rub your wrists together. Because perfume molecules are fragile. Rubbing your wrist will break up the perfume molecules and the scent will dissipate.


Choose the right perfume

     above all else Perfume can be lasting, it has to rely on the power of the perfume as well. Therefore, the first thing that should be considered for the budget is choosing perfumes that have long-lasting properties. Recommend the range of Musky, Woody, Spicy or Outdoorsy scents that work well in any season. It is also advisable to choose a perfume type that is Eau de Parfum (EDP), which has a higher concentration of perfume than Eau de Toilette (EDT) and Eau de Cologne (EDC).

Add moisture to the skin before spraying perfume.

     The more hydrated the skin. The scent will last longer. Because dry skin will not be able to absorb odors. And perfume tends to evaporate quickly on very dry skin. So before spraying perfume in the morning after showering Don’t forget to find a moisturizer. or cream to apply to the skin to add moisture first This will coat the surface (priming the surface), which will help the fragrance last longer.


Spritz just the right amount of perfume.

     Many men mistakenly think that spraying a lot of perfume It will be a way to help the scent last longer. But in fact, more doesn’t always mean better. Because good perfume sprays only 2-3 sprays on the right place will help the scent last all day long. On the other hand, sprinkling more perfume than necessary will cause the smell to be too pungent and strong to the point that it may disturb those around you. Instead of perfume, it enhances charm, but may cause even more loss of confidence.

How to properly store perfume

     Perfumes have an expiration date, just like the food in the refrigerator. When the perfume is about to expire, it will lose some of its scent. After spraying, the fragrance will decrease. And the smell will not stick on the skin too. which can be observed from the change in color or texture But in order to extend the life of the perfume longer. Perfumes should be stored in a cool (just right), dry, dark place, as the heat of the outside air and sunlight are not good for perfumes. Including too cold is not good. Therefore, perfume should not be stored in the refrigerator either. The UFABET report