What does the color of the menstrual cycle indicate?

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 If one day we find that our menstruation changes to a different color than red Don’t be alarmed, menstrual blood isn’t always red. Different menstrual colors can mean many things. By some colors that are different from the original, there is nothing to worry about. But some colors may be a sign of a health problem that should see a doctor. See how menstrual colors range from bright red to black and beyond. What does that mean? And when found, what should be done? The UFABET report


bright red menstruation

     A bright red period is caused by not having enough time to oxidize. (oxygenation) usually occurs when the menstrual period is heavier. and has a steady flow out of the body Makes the menstrual period bright red, which is normal.

pink menstruation

     Pink menstrual periods may appear at the onset of menstruation. This is usually a bloody vaginal discharge, which is usually nothing to worry about. It can also appear if birth control is used. This is due to the decreased estrogen levels that cause the menstrual cycle to be pink. 

dark red or brown menstrual periods

     Dark red or brown menstrual blood is nothing to worry about. The main reason why menstrual blood is brown is because of the old blood that remains. This usually occurs at the beginning or end of menstruation. Including when the blood is diluted And it takes a long time to be excreted from the body. It has to be oxidized longer. That’s what makes the menstrual color darker. And another reason for the blood that is darker than normal is “Implantation Bleeding” or as you like to call it. “Blood on baby’s face” is a normal thing that happens around two weeks of pregnancy.



black menstruation

     Menstrual periods that are darker than brown to almost black. It is possible that the blood remains in the body for a long time. It could also be a pregnancy-related sign. (Most of them will only occur for 1-3 days), which may be bleeding from the implantation of the embryo. Or it could be a sign of a miscarriage. However, you should see your doctor to determine the cause.


orange menstruation

     If you see your period as orange That might not just be menstrual blood. But it may be blood mixed with vaginal discharge caused by an infection, such as bacterial vaginosis (bacterial vaginosis), which is inflammation caused by an imbalance of bacteria. or sexually transmitted disease Therefore, if you find that your period is orange, you should see a doctor immediately.



gray menstruation

     Gray periods are another case of vaginal discharge mixed with menstrual blood. The gray color may be a sign of bacterial vaginosis, which may be accompanied by other symptoms such as itching and a fishy smell. If gray menstruation is found, you should see your doctor as well.


green menstruation

     Green menstrual periods can be a sign of an infection, such as bacterial vaginosis. Vaginal parasitic disease (Trichomoniasis), which is a type of sexually transmitted disease. However, if your period is green, you should see a doctor for diagnosis. By observing whether the symptoms are associated with other disorders or not.


blood clot menstruation

     Don’t panic if your period looks like a bright red blood clot. or dark red like jelly Because they tend to be normal blood cells and tissues. which is a normal and harmless health condition But if when you notice that there is a large blood clot That could be a sign of an abnormality in the female reproductive system and should see a doctor for examination.