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Jurgen Klopp happy signs Grafenberg into nest.

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp reveals he is very happy after reaching his goal of signing midfielder Ryan Grafenberg from Bayern Munich. The “Reds” paid 40 million euros for Grafenberg the 21-year-old midfielder after falling into reserve status with the “Southern Tigers” team. Which Klopp is

What does the color of the menstrual cycle indicate?

 If one day we find that our menstruation changes to a different color than red Don’t be alarmed, menstrual blood isn’t always red. Different menstrual colors can mean many things. By some colors that are different from the original, there is nothing to worry about. But some colors may

8 side effects of eating too many bananas

   “Banana” is considered a favorite fruit for many people. And as we all know, bananas are rich in fiber and fiber. It also contains many vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the body. In addition, people like to eat bananas to fill their stomachs. It can be

Atleti shines deal to snatch David de Gea

Atleti shines on a deal to snatch David de Gea after Oblak’s form fell in the back. Atletico Madrid are reportedly considering the possibility of signing goalkeeper David de Gea. Manchester United Football Club of the English Premier League football team joins the army in the transfer market. This summer after