Arteta did not hide that in addition to doing his duty in the final game.

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Mikel Arteta, Arsenal’s head coach, did not hide that in addition to doing his duty in the final game of the season, defeating Everton, he also sent his support to West Ham, who can cut points in their visit to Manchester City. If everything goes as hoped, they will be crowned the English Premier League champion again in the first 2 decades.

At this time, City has 88 points, goals gained-losed +60, while Arsenal have 86 points, goals gained-losed +61. 

Therefore, Arteta’s team will only be champions if they win. Everton and hope for West Ham to share points from City to at least the Etihad Stadium สมัคร ufabet. The points are tied at 89 points, but the top London teams have an advantage in goals scored – lost. 

Arteta then sent his heart to David Moyes, his old man from when he was still at Everton together, to help create a miracle.  

“It was one of the biggest weeks for many of us. It is a very important hour. Most excited Can’t wait until Sunday. Very optimistic that things will work out in a positive way,” said the 42-year-old. 

“There is always hope, even though the previous match (Spurs lost 0-2 to Manchester City) didn’t happen.” 

“Now I have to do my duty first. Because competitors like Everton are in a good time. We have to prove ourselves again that we play better than our opponents.”

“Then slowly cheer for West Ham to have a good game. Help us fulfill our dreams.” 

“I thought I wouldn’t have to call the manager of the team, David Moyes (West Ham), because he was the one who trained me and was very important to my career. As a player and a person You can help us fulfill both the team’s and my dream of becoming English Premier League champions.” 

“I think we can’t miss the championship. I just want to win my games and hope for the beautiful things of football to happen.”