Arteta says you need to get 96-100 points to win the league.

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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta believes his team will need 96-100 points to beat Manchester City and Liverpool to win the Premier League title this season.

The Gunners have collected 33 points from the first 14 games of the season. Leading the table above the “Reds” with 31 points and the former champions “Sailboat” with 30 points UFABET

At a press conference ahead of Tuesday’s away game against Luton Town. The Spaniard said: “Do I have a goal? Definitely, 96-100 points, I think you will win the league.”

When asked what he thought of Man City’s miss. Arteta said: “Will I be encouraged by that? No, encouragement comes from watching the team play. Looking at what they do every day. The hunger and desire they are willing to put into practice every session.”

“That’s what keeps me motivated. Other people’s affairs are something we cannot control. I think we will play better tomorrow (Tuesday) and be more consistent. Including more difficult to overcome. We will use our players in the best possible way to win. There is still a long way for us.”

At the same time, Arteta further revealed that. I’m not interested in Manchester City’s performance because I’m only interested in my own team’s performance. I am encouraged by watching my team play. See how hungry the players train. It’s all about encouraging me to work. Because we cannot control external factors from other people’s actions.