Cole Palmer must fight for his place in the team.

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Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino has warned new signing Cole Palmer that. There is no guarantee of a place in the team. He will have to prove his worth to win it.

Cole Palmer The 21-year-old star has agreed to move from Manchester City to Stamford Bridge for a fee of £42.5 million. With the hope of playing more than ever. But the Argentine boss insists there is no guarantee of the position.

“If someone guarantees that a certain player will play well. That’s not the case.” Pochettino said. “The player has to go on the pitch and show it. If he deserves to play, he will. I’m sure it’s the same as at City. But for us even if it’s a big payout. UFABET It doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed to play. It’s a wrong idea.”

“A lot of people have to learn about this. When we sign a player contract We do it to make them part of the club. Increase vitality We never promise the players we bring to the team that they will play. It never happened. Even when we signed Messi at Paris Saint-Germain.”

“I’m not going to promise them 20 or 30 games, come on. It’s very disrespectful to the players and the atmosphere you create. You have to show that you are better than everyone else.”

“That is why we have 24-25 players. It is a wrong idea to move somewhere and play more. If someone promises you a chance to play, OK, but it’s not good for anyone.”