Conte insists he is satisfied with his job at Spurs

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Conte insists he is satisfie with his job at Spurs. Even if the new contract has not renew.

Spurs boss Antonio Conte has insiste. He is still happy with his job in the Premier League. After being linked with a possible return to Juventus should a manager change.

Spurs continue to have a hot start to the new season, they are one of the most unbeaten clubs in the Premier League this season, in contrast to his former club Juventus, whose performances have been tough. Amid the situation where Max Allegri may force to leave his position as manager. For the second round, Conte said it was disrespectful to ask about it.

“We have only just started the season. And we have a long time to work together. Understand each other and continue to work together,” Conte said of his commitment to Spurs.

Conte has signed with Spurs on a contract until mid 2023, however, Spurs have the option to extend it for an additional year. It is expected that they will definitely ready to use. If the team continues to perform well. Meanwhile, Conte insists he’s in no rush to negotiate a new contract.

“It’s not the time to talk about it yet. It could happen tomorrow. Or it could be the last day of this season as well. What is important for me and the club to understand each other is that we want to work together in the same direction. Other than that, I don’t see it having any problems. I’ve said before that I don’t need any new contracts to confirm that I will stay with the team.”

“For the news (returning to Juventus) it’s disrespectful to the coaches who work with Juventus. And me too, working with Spurs. I don’t want to hear anyone say anything like this.”