Everton may change hands After the media stated

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Everton may change hands After the media stated. That the American capital group has not collapsed.

Everton may have to enter another change. Negotiations between the club’s owner Fahad Moshiri and the US-based consortium have continue. Despite Moshiri once announcing the sale of the club’s stake.

Maziak Kaminski, Polish-American businessman He is the owner of Kaminski Asset Management in America and is an investor in various businesses across Europe. A subsidiary known as KAM Sports, the firm that submitted the purchase for Everton, remains interested in an offer to buy shares of Everton Football Club, which Fahad Moshiri has held since February 2016.

According to UFABET reports, Moshiri has no desire to sell his shares, however. If an offer is as high as £400m he is ready to negotiate. Or another way, which is to look for more investors. The club is currently in the process of investing in a new stadium in the Bramley Moore Dock. With a capacity of 53,000, which is expecte ready for use by 2024 after Everton. In the era of Moshiri has suffered a series of losses over the last three seasons. They said to have lost £372million, while the team’s performance has been awfully poor, with last season narrowly surviving relegation in the final second game of the season.

The Everton club, including Moshiri, have not come out to mention the matter in any way.