Jurgen Klopp happy signs Grafenberg into nest.

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp reveals he is very happy after reaching his goal of signing midfielder Ryan Grafenberg from Bayern Munich.

The “Reds” paid 40 million euros for Grafenberg the 21-year-old midfielder after falling into reserve status with the “Southern Tigers” team. Which Klopp is happy to have this player join the team and praises his excellent abilities.

“Really very happy who have joined the team. Because he’s a great talent, everyone knows that,” Klopp told Liverpool TV. “He’s just 21 years old has played more than 100 games with Ajax. I’m not talking about a difficult season with Bayern Munich. Because at that age it was normal. You join a world class team. With the opportunity to play on the field or something like that.”UFABET

“But as Thomas Tuchel said at today’s press conference in Munich. I think in that position he is best. The team doesn’t have that system. Which we have. It’s good.”

“We have a lot of games to play. We’ll see how much time he needs right now because I don’t know. We have to look there. He played fully during pre-season. which is good The body is as ready as possible. He looks very fit, everything is going well.”

“Unfortunately we now have the international break and cannot work together. I think it’s in the Holland U21 team. But when he comes back we’ll start working. It’s really exciting. He is a smart boy. When I talked with him I quickly realized that he liked being here. It’s also a good thing.”