Klopp choosing the best moment without Salah.

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is likely to have a difficult conflict with Mohamed Salah in choosing the most impressive moment in a position without an Egyptian star in the dart.

Klopp is about to relinquish his reign of nearly nine years, so there are plenty of impressive things to consider, but there’s no Salah to speak of, Promotion ufabet despite being the top scorer of his era. Leading to the connection that the conflict in the 3-3 draw with West Ham was the last straw that made it difficult to reconcile as before. 

“The best football game we played was against Manchester City this season,” said the opening statement at the pre-meeting press conference. Wolverhampton (19 May)

“We have never controlled a situation against City like we did that day before. May have won in other games But never put them under pressure.” 

“The most memorable performance – was the meeting with Barcelona in the second round of the Champions League in 2019, the best goal – Alisson Becker’s header against West Bromwich, sending the team away. Champions League (2021), best assist – Trent Alexander-Arnold, 4-0 vs. Barcelona, ​​best save – Aliss. d the game against Napoli in the Champions League and fell on his heels to score – Sadio Mane” 

The 57-year-old coach also revealed that over the past week, activities outside the field have been very busy because he was counting down on his position. Signing autographs until my hands are cramped 

“It was the busiest week of my life. Saying goodbye to many people We have to accept that this is not a normal week.” 

“What about the preparation before the game? I’m a person who is better at doing than talking. This is the final appointment from then on vacation. It’s the routine of this industry. But after a while we realized that everything would be different.”

“Said goodbye to the players on Thursday. We’re having a barbecue. It’s a farewell party.”

“I don’t even know how many shirts I signed throughout the week. I think everyone probably has one.”

“Saying goodbye is never a good thing. To say it without pain means our time together was not good – but because I had a wonderful time here.”