Liverpool vs Burnley: Premier League live broadcast channel 2023/24

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Liverpool vs Burnley: Premier League live broadcast channel 2023/24, match day and time and pre-game preview.

Liverpool, although currently leading the league, just missed out on a 3-1 defeat to their direct rival, Arsenal, last weekend. This makes the distance between them and second place Manchester City only 3 points and the Blues have also played less than 1 game.

Burnley’s side is in serious trouble, winning only 1 out of the last 10 games, including all competitions. Most recently, they just opened their home draw with Fulham 2-2 last weekend, ranking 19th with 13 points from 23 games played, 7 points away from the safe zone. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

Readiness before the Liverpool game

Jurgen Klopp’s team will be unable to use Stefan Bijcetic, Joel Matip, Dominic Szoboszlai, Thiago Alcantara and Costas. Simikas is definitely in this game as he is recovering from an injury. While Ibrahima Konate will banne from being sent off in the previous game. Mo Salah himself still has to wait for his condition. Whether he will recover enough able to participate with the team or not, as for Corner Bradley who has family problems. It is expected that he will not involve in this game as usual.

Predicted 11 starting players for Liverpool

Goalkeeper: Alisson
Defenders: Alexander Arnold, Quansah, Van Dijk, Robertson Midfielders
: Gravenburch, McAul Lister, Jones
Forwards: Jota, Nuñez, Diaz

Readiness before the Burnley game

Versant Kompany’s team will not have the names of Luca Coliocio, who has a knee injury, and Nathan Redmond, who still has a muscle injury, as for the names of Jordan Beyer, Charlie Taylor. R and Hann Delcroix still have to wait to see if they fit. Before the game starts again.

Predicted 11 starting players for Burnley

Goalkeeper: Trafford Defenders
: Ascion, Oche, Egdal, Vitinho Midfielders
: Ramsey, Berg, Brownhill, Odobert
Forwards : Foster, Amduni

Predict the possibility and results of the competition.

Coming out of a brutal program period for Liverpool. In the latest game, it must be said that I was quite disappointed with the performance in the match. Where they lost to Arsenal 3-1, causing the leader position to be extremely shaken at this time. While Barnley are also at serious risk of relegation. From the heavy performance of losing and drawing until falling 7 points away from the safe zone.

The picture of the game is definitely that the home team will open the game and attack. While the visiting team is likely to use a high pressure method from the middle of the field and wait for an opportunity from a mistake to make a move, the Reds seem to have lost quite a bit of confidence in the latest game. This is a good opportunity to regain faith in chasing down the teams at the bottom of the table at home. But… you have to be careful of Burnley’s wide play, especially a promising young star like Will. San Odobert is a 19-year-old rising star. Who is known for his agility and quickness with the ball. Interestingly, if the starting player is still Trent Alexander Arnold. There is a high chance that he will be attacked. However, it is still believe. That Liverpool should still good enough to survive and come back to win this game in the end.