Manchester City owner prepared forced to sell shares in Girona

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Manchester City owner prepared force to sell shares in Girona

City Football Group or CFG, the investment group. That owns Manchester City, is preparing order to sell shares in Girona in order to clear the way for Girona to qualify for the UEFA Champions League. get it next season.

City Football Group or CFG, the investment group that owns Manchester City Football Club , suddenly had a job. When it was reported that Prepared order to sell shares of the Girona club. That he held in his hands to clear the way for Girona able to play in the UEFA Champions League next season.

CFG, owner of the Blue Sailboat team Funds have distribute to other clubs around the world.

Including Girona (Spain), Troyes (France), New York City (USA), Melbourne City (Australia) and Yokohama F. Rinos (Japan) and dozens of other clubs For the benefit of both investment and creating football networks

The relationship between these teams means Manchester City are looking to sign young Brazilian winger Savio from Troyes next summer. After this season, the players shone. While playing on loan with Girona.

In terms of football, at this time Manchester City is still competing for the Premier League championship and has the opportunity to defend the Champions League championship, making it quite certain that they will continue to participate in the Big E Cup in C. Wash your face

Girona have established themselves as the surprise team of La Liga this season, and as they head into their final three months, they are still in serious contention for the title. Standing in second place in the league, just 2 points behind Real Madrid, resulting in a high chance of going to the Champions League next time.

However, UEFA has a rule that states: Clubs with the same owner Unable to send teams to play in the Champions League together.

In this case, the British media outlet DI said. That it may cause CFG, the owner of Manchester City, to forced to change. That the 47% of shares held in Girona should sold out of their hands And this must done soon so. That Girona can participate in the Champions League together with Manchester City without any problems.

However, the report does not specify whether CFG will need to sell all or just part of its shares in Girona. To put yourself in the status of a minority shareholder of the club. Report from