Merson says Ten Hag won’t survive if they lose three games from now.

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Former Arsenal midfielder Paul Merson believes Erik ten Hag will be sacked as Manchester United manager. If the team loses the next three games.

The “Red Devils” lost to Newcastle in their latest game. Which was mix up over their performance. The team has a queue to play important matches from now on with Chelsea, Bournemouth and Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League. Which Merson thinks that if they lose these three games. Many Dutch people will definitely be unemploy UFABET

“I am not being truthful when I say that. Manchester United’s game against Newcastle was one of the most one-sided games. And I have ever seen in the Premier League. I think it’s very embarrassing. I was shocked by the way United play and the lack of effort and dedication.” Merson wrote to Sportskida.

“Chelsea, on the other hand, got a great result [against Brighton]. I didn’t think they would win with 10 men. But they got the win, Chelsea had. The players are ready to take on United and I think it’s going to be an exciting game.”

“If they [Manchester United] lose to Chelsea, Bournemouth and Bayern. I don’t see Ten Hag keeping his job. However, I think they will beat Bournemouth and they will do well against Bayern Munich. Who have already qualified for the round of 16.”

“Chelsea didn’t have a very good defense and Manchester United weren’t much better. They concede three goals against Galatasaray and maybe 10 goals to Newcastle. Predicting the outcome of this game – I expect it to be a high score draw. I predict Manchester United to draw 3-3 with Chelsea.”