The Premier League is serious, organizing a team of all-star players.

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The Premier League is serious, organizing a team of all-star players, Calcio-La Liga-Bundeslila.

Competition management english premier league football Brilliant ideas to organize a team of stars in the elite league Mo players with all-stars from the top leagues across Europe, including Serie A, Italy , La Liga, Spain and the Bundesliga, Germany to expand the audience more than ever. According to The UFABET.

The all-star team idea was previously propose to the public by Chelsea FC owner Todd Bohley. Came by organizing a team of football players from the north of England to fight with the southern team. But it received a lot of negative reviews.

The Times pointed out that Bohley’s idea was develop by senior executives from the league’s teams before crystallized into the idea of ​​forming a special team. All Premier League stars Instead of going against the All-Star team of the big leagues. and organize competitions throughout Europe to other continents of the world in the summer Even during the winter break at the end of the year.

The publication, citing an unnamed Premier League source. Pointed to the idea as one of the ideas being brainstorm to grow the viewer base. As well as expanding broadcast license revenue to other countries. With the owners of many top-flight clubs being American, they tend to agree with the idea of ​​adding value to their team and the Premier League as a whole.

However, the Premier League’s plans will still take. While to announced officially. When they have to cooperate with other European leagues as well.