Who are the 4 favorites of the 2022 World Cup?

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Who are the 4 favorites of the 2022 World Cup? Most likely to lift the trophy at the end of this year.

With less than two months left, the 2022 World Cup will officially begin. Of course, there are many different trends. A variety of schools that come out to analyze the readiness of each team. Predict differently who have a chance to become a champion.

Favorite 4 – Argentina

Lionel Slaloni’s side have outstanding since the year. Before they rose to their first major title in 10 years with a huge Copa America trophy. It also has an excellent record of not losing anything since 2020. With the Blue and White team having a winning rate of 1 to 10 in this World Cup.

Favorite 3 – England

Despite the poor performance that many people hold their temples in the UEFA Nations League. Where they were relegated to League B without a win in six group games. But it seems roaring lions It is still the favorite team in the eyes of many people. Which is not certain if Gareth Southgate organizes a good, focusing on the results. Maybe they will be able to perform well again in this World Cup. Before the tournament started, they had a winning rate of 1 to 8.5.

Favorite 2 – France

The old champion at the 2018 World Cup, rich in quality resources, superstars, focusing on full teams. That can be sent into the field at the same time, 2 teams can also, of course, have great form players such as Kylian Mbappe and Ka Rim Benzema is the protagonist. Which will make the opponents a little bit nervous. However, the results in the Nation League battles in the past were almost unbearable. Maybe that’s why they can’t be the number one favorite at the end of this year. with a winning rate of 1 to 7.5 together

Favorite 1 – Brazil

The five-time record holder is one of the favorites. This year with a superb qualifying performance and remains unbeaten since losing to Argentina in the Copa America final in 2021. This 23 games in a row, winning to 20, drawing only 3, plus with a team. That seems to be ready to lose every position, causing many offices to raise the Samba team one of the favorites with a winning rate of 1 to 5.5 in this world cup