The real thing! Keane says Chelsea are as good as they want to see, beating Villa 3-1

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The real thing! Keane says Chelsea are as good as they want to see, beating Villa 3-1

Roy Keane, former captain of Manchester United, praised Chelsea for their outstanding performance in the 3-1 win over Aston Villa. He said that this is how Chelsea are as strong as they should be and have been in the past.

It’s been a long time since he praised anyone. Former Manchester United captain Roy Keane praised Mauricio Pochettino and the Chelsea players for their outstanding performance in the 3-1 win over Aston Villa. Rescheduled for the 4th round of the FA Cup on Wednesday, telling like. Report from ufabet

This is the tough Chelsea they should be. And it has happen before in the past.

“This looks like the old Chelsea,” Keane said as a commentator after had led Villa 3-0. Before conceding a late goal in injury time. Passing through to the 5th round to meet Leeds United, a championship team.

“Excellent, strong, ready to tackle and sharp in possession. make good decisions Make quality doors They did an amazing job. Hunt in packs Work as a team”

“We saw some cold play. And with Connor Gallagher’s beautiful strike. They had everything you need as a team in this game. Simple but quality We’ve always questioned Nicholas Jackson, but he scored a great goal in this game as well.

“This was a great night they were strong, aggressive and showed quality. And got three great goals. The question now becomes Villa’s. They failed to come back tonight. grew in confidence as the game progressed. And it was amazing in this game.”

“We said before the game that Chelsea were in crisis, but when they played they were able to do it, what we saw tonight. It is as if they are in Villa’s position to chase the top four instead.”